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Sales meeting are very crucial for your business. You never get a lot of time to impress your prospects and close the deal. As you have to work within a very limited amount of time, your every action, question, statement, and most importantly, gesture and behaviour count. In today’s business world, the sale is ever-changing, and you only care about how to increase your sale.

In fact, people are more concerned about how sales work and get better at this more than ever before. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the point. Do you want to know how to get better at sales? Are you trying to skyrocket the number of successful deals? Look no further.

When it comes to closing the deal and increasing sales, it’s just more about business acumen and luck. Here’s the deal breaker: sale is about trust and feeling. At the same time, most of the decisions that we take are based on our feelings, not facts. In a sales meeting, the most important thing, therefore, is how you say and not what you say.

Do you wonder why? It’s quite simply because this is how you make your first-impression which is often considered as a deal breaker for the sales meeting. Remember you don’t get a second chance to create the best first impression.

Here’s an interesting fact for you—your body language and tonality are accountable for 90 percent of how you are perceived by others. So, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you say instead of what you say. By applying simple body language techniques, you can turbocharge your sales. Don’t want to miss the massive opportunity? Read on.

Eye Contact

If you want to convey trust and build credibility to your clients in a sales meeting, effective eye contact is your most powerful tool. Period. In fact, proper eye contact makes a great first impression. However, there’s still something more in this regard of contacting eyes. It’s never that simple, right?


The crux of the matter is effective eye contact, not some random glances. And, you need to learn what do I mean by effective eye contact.


  • Lack of eye contact will destroy your chance of building trust and credibility and you will lose the chance of improving in sales meetings. You have to look directly in the eye of customer or client when you convey some strong points like a closing question. Try to minimize the blinking of your eyes because it can sometimes be distracting.
  • You should look in the eye as often as you can. If you start looking somewhere else, then the person talking to you will also start looking around. In fact, it creates paranoia to them during the conversation. If you want to keep the attention of the other person talking to you, you have to make proper eye contacts. It will also increase positive energy in the conversation.
  • If you keep looking from one eye to another during the conversation, people will get the impression of “shifty-eyed” from you. You never want to let this happen. So, look only at the left eye during the sales meetings. It happens to get the best result. You probably know that right side of our brain controls the left part of our body. Thus, research has suggested that looking only at the left eye tends to produce better results. If you have difficulty looking at the left eye of a person, do look at the bridge of his or her nose. The most interesting thing here is people don’t understand that you are only looking at the left eye or at the bridge of their nose. Instead, they will have the impression that you are maintaining a great eye contact with them.

The Handshake

Your Handshake is undoubtedly one of the most important body language factors for a sales meeting. In fact, through the handshake, you get the very first opportunity to make interaction with every prospect.

You need to make a firm grip, and never too firm. Sometimes you may get a super strong handshake. Other times, it will be a softer grip. However, pay close attention to your client’s grip, and immediately adjust your grip to match. Thus, you can put both of you at ease and will help you to make a strong foundation of mutual respect, trust, and confidence.

If you make a weak grip during the handshake, it exposes your sloppiness and lack of confidence. Just make a perfect grip for the perfect start of the conversation. Another important thing to keep in mind is don’t exaggerate your handshake. It implies that you are trying to hide your low-confidence or as if you are compensating for something else.

Your Smile

Smile! Don’t make your meeting stiff and boring. Smiling is not that difficult and a lot easier than frowning, right? In fact, smiling people are more courteous, competent, and likeable. 

A smile can simply change your fate and increase your sale immediately. When you are interacting with a client or customer, your smiling face indicates that you are more than willing to help and eager to collaborate with him or her.

In a sales meeting, crack a suitable joke for levity. Others will then take your lead and follow. This will help you to break the ice between you and the client and pave the way for a pleasant conversation.

The bottom line is a simple smile can turn the table and get the situation in your favour in most of the cases.

Mirror the Other Person

In most of the cases, we fail to realize the value of mirroring our customer or client. But when it comes to an important sales meeting, it’s crucial than ever before.

Watch how your client seat or stand. For example, do they lean in? Stand up? Cross their arms? Closely follow what they are doing. By matching what your prospect is doing, you can set up the best situation for a successful sale.

Two parts, volume, and pace make the tonality. You need to match your customer or client in both areas. If they are having a strong voice, you shouldn’t shy away and speak too softly. Rather, match the voice, and it will make the situation easier and more comfortable for everyone. If they speak quickly, try to catch up their speed. All you have to do is be willing to match your tonality to the other, which sometimes can be a bit difficult.

In order to create the best stage for a successful sales meeting, you need to closely look at the gesture, movement, and behavior of your clients. However, don’t copy their body movement and gesture like a mirror. In fact, this looks so awkward that it’ll instantly create an uncomfortable situation for everyone. Instead, strive to generally match their body language, and let it be natural. I promise it will work like a magic!


Ultimately, reading the body language is a pivotal part of your sales meeting and can be a decider in the heat of the battle. However, it doesn’t all about being a slimy salesperson; rather, it’s more about being empathetic to your prospect and gets the deal done by forming a long-lasting relationship. It’s more like being a good listener. And, always remember that the best salesperson is always the best listener. Finally, if you are careful about body language, your sales will increase, and you will get an expert at closing the deal.



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