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Everything is set for your future-but-not-yet successful business, yeah? You just worked on the best idea since sliced bread. It seems all perfect, but you are still scratching your head. Well, something is missing.

In fact, the crux of the matter is you have been looking for a perfect name for your business. You are hunting every possible idea down for your sweet, singular, and easy to remember the business name. In fact, this quest and brainstorming process for good business name is often cumbersome and stressful. Intimidated? Not the perfect time for that. Keep on reading.

Know What Makes a Good Name

Intuitively you already know what makes a good name. However, a good business name should sum up your brand and catapult it toward the ultimate success. Just make sure that your business name is:

  • Available (in some form)
  • Unique
  • Future-proof
  • Simple
  • Lovable

Are you ready for your naming mission? Let’s delve into the world of how to name your business. We will look through each of these qualities and give you absolutely working tips on how to acquire them.

Step 1. Create and Validate Your Statement of Purpose

Ever tried to solve a problem without clearly knowing what the problem is? Very embarrassing, isn’t it? Similarly, exactly the same will happen to you if you don’t invest some time and effort into defining your concept. You will found the countless idea of building a unique selling proposition. However, here is a simple one for you. Give it a try.

[Your Business Name] helps [audience] [core benefits].

Now once you have created your statement of purpose, it’s the time to validate. Simply put yourself into the customers’ shoes. Talk to the real people who are engaged with the business. Thus, you can gather some valuable insights into your value proposition.

Step 2. Dig A Little Bit Deeper

Your business name speaks a lot about your brand. In fact, it can make or break your sweet and awesome business idea. You need to consider the followings so that you don’t end messing up your whole idea.

Emotions: Take a moment to decide how you want your customer to feel when they hear your brand name. Serious and professional, modern and hip, or fun and quirky?

Customer Satisfaction: Make a short list of statements about why people will buy the product or get the service from you. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t regret later, “why didn’t I think of that earlier?”

Story: Just take a stab at this. Indicate clearly what’s the unique story that your business tells.

Keywords: This is what you will use to search the names. So, you need some perfect diamond. The new feature “find keywords” on Google AdWords is that it will list all the similar search phrases, along with how many global and local monthly searches each are getting.

Step 3. Brainstorm a List of Names

You have actually done the hardest part in the previous steps. Now, it’s just a walk in the park. Since you already know what’s actually a good name and what you want your business name to express, it’s time to turn our attention into brainstorming a list of names. The handiest tool in this task is probably the business name generator.

I personally recommend, which I suggest not for the sake of advertisement but for awesome reliability. But why should you actually care about Namelix? Without further ado, let’s see how this business name generator can help you.

1. As you’ve seen by now, naming is really intimidating for new businesses with the options being too limited. While the short domains are very expensive, the longer and multi-word domain doesn’t pull the trigger for you.

2. Namelix generates short, brand names that are relevant to your business idea.

3. When you save a name, the advanced algorithm learns your preferences using artificial intelligence and gives better recommendations over the time.

4. In fact, Namelix provides sweet business names and you’ll instantly love them.

So, all you have to do in the Namelix is to put up your keywords, and the rest will be done by the system. But, there’s something you should know. They won’t give you a single name for the business! They will help you make a list of names from which you can choose your perfect one. And, the catch here is the better the keywords, the better the suggestions you get from Namelix.

Sometimes prepended and appended words can save your day. Remember not to add long phrases, but simple words will do the tricks. Take a quick look at the They provide a long list of names basing on your provided keywords. It’s an excellent job, no doubt about it. But the only caveat here is you may notice some confusing names in the list as well. You actually know that adding and mixing two words not always give you the best of both worlds. You miss the clarity and sweetness of the names. So, be sure to be careful about it while using Naminum.

Step 4. Narrow It Down!

Combing through the list of the names is one of the most cumbersome jobs. Don’t get caught up in this stage. So, firstly you choose a bunch of names to start work with. Step 3 will come in handy in doing so. Then you have to narrow it down because you cannot actually check all the name from the list manually. 90% of the names that a business name generator produces will be duds; you are panning for the gold in them.

This stage has no systematic process, to be honest. Just save the best for you. Shortlist those that sound awesome and great to pronounce. In fact, if your mind says it clicked, it actually clicked (believe me!).

Firstly, try to find around 25 names. Then whittle them down to 15, 10, 5, and so on. But after the first shortlist of 25, start checking the availability. Then continue shrinking the list. Once you are confident, move on to step 6!

Step 5. Check Availablity!

Unfortunately, it is not available all the time, and it’s your job to check them thoroughly. In the worst case scenario, if you use duplicate names, you may find yourself in legal entanglements. The good news? Since you know a lot about naming a business, that’s definitely not going to happen to you. Here are some easy steps to follow as you check the availability of the name.

1. Check it: Just use GoDaddy, a simple go-to tool for checking the domain availability and letting you see other .com alternatives. Hold your breath and type your ideas in, and wait to see if it’s already taken (I hope not!). If the names are already taken, take the note of the businesses that are using the names. You can also do a trademark search. Simply google and find your resources for the trademark research based on your area.

2. Look at Social Handles: After checking the domain availability, you can go to Namechk to see if the name you love is already taken in social handles, especially on the channels where you want to build your business.
Another way to achieve this is to go to and see if it is taken by someone else. If the exact handle is unavailable, which is the most likely scenario, don’t worry about it. Generally, it’s too easy and simple to open up a social media account. That’s why you will see a plethora of them. But there’s a lot of quick fixes. Just try to add a postfix like yournameBLOG, yournameSTUDIO, yournameBIZ. It will work like magic (I promise!)

3. Google It: Don’t laugh, please! We often don’t make the full opportunity that a search engine like Google provides. When you google your preferred names, you get the chance to see everything about the name. Obviously, check:


  • Are there too many competitors with that name doing the same business? If yes, probably it’s a good idea to change your mind.
  • Make sure if the name is related to any inappropriate content or not. If related, it raises a strong red flag on your choice. It can cost a heavy toll your business. Time to change the idea.
  • Look for anything catchy. This way you may find a better idea than the current one.

Step 6. Hit the Perfection!

A hectic schedule so far. But this is the sweetest part of naming. And, people make the greatest mistakes here in this part. Instead of asking random unrelated people, who are never connected to your business, ask someone who has a connection with business—yes, I’m talking about the audience. Hear from the audience, get their invaluable feedback, and incorporate them into your naming. So, your last task is to ponder about the name that makes the best impression and that talks a lot about your business. Done with this step?
If yes, congratulations. Your mission is accomplished!

Businesses rebrand all the time, but only at the expense of time and money. To ensure that your business is off to a great start, try to find the best name at the first attempt. Make sure you love the name. I understand that the whole process is time-consuming, but think it through, your brand name will be a multiplier in your favour.

Good luck!


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