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Hey there, I am Joe! A passionate blogger and entrepreneur dedicated to awesome software and tools that aid startups in their workflow, efficiency and growth.

I am starting this blog with the mission to help my readers to become more efficient and succeed with their goals and ideas.

About Me

My name is Joachim and most people call me Joe. I am (let’s say) a young entrepreneur at the age of 31 living in Vienna the beautiful capital of Austria.

Why I am starting this blog…

I always tried to figure out new ways to benefit from tools to be more efficient. Not just because I wanted to reduce my time spent on several things over and over again, also because of the fact that letting software and automation do the work for me gave me some sort of peace.

Back when I was a student I often sat down many hours just to reduce recurring tasks by a few seconds. In Drawing/Photoshop class I even asked my teacher once, who was describing a long and painful way to achieve the skin of a Rhino – “Isn’t there a brush for that”? – the class laughed and I was “The Rhino Brush Guy“. I kind of liked that! 🙂

You see I have always liked the idea of being efficient in what I do. Some might say that I am embracing a minimalistic approach. And they are probably right because I can’t stand the fact that if there is a better solution to my problem – why not make use of it?

After graduation, I started to work for several companies in the 3D content creation business where I learned a lot about my self and what I really wanted – which was being an entrepreneur with self-determination.
Which led into me starting my first company called Bytewood which creates interactive content and gamification applications for local businesses here in Austria. Followed by many other projects and ideas. 🙂
During this journey, I was figuring out what works and what doesn’t step by step. Letting me test and use a decent amount of tools knowing that in order to succeed I need the right tools.

Simplicity is king

and what you can expect from my reviews.

The software jungle is huge. For every single problem, there are tons of solutions giving you a headache to decide what is best for you. I am a big fan of providing you with my top pick instead of just presenting you the available well knowing that there are other tools that tackle the same issue. In addition, it is very important to me to stand 100% behind my recommendations while often using them myself.

hope you are as excited as I am!

Hi there, I am Joe!

Thanks for reading.

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